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Common Helpline Questions & Topics

These are some questions you may consider asking our Hotline 1-800-GO-LIVER (1-800-465-4837).

  • How do I pay for HCV medication?
  • Where do I find a doctor?
  • How can I get help with the cost of my medications?
  • What can I eat if I have liver disease?
  • Where can I find a local support group?
  • How do I get listed for transplant?
  • Where can they go to find treatment centers (alcohol/drugs)?
  • Transmission/Prevention re. HAV/HBC/HCV
  • Alternative medication/supplements
  • What are safe OTC's and prescription medications?
  • Progression of liver disease
  • How to care for a loved one with liver disease
  • What are the symptoms of HCV, Cirrhosis, HE...?
  • Clinical Trials- to participate and what new treatments are being tested and when will they become available?
  • What do test results mean (e.g. liver enzymes, biopsy, fibrosure...)?
  • Also, questions of costs related to medications for any liver disease, especially Ursodiol and Xifaxan
  • Assistance for diagnostic testing including screening for HBV and HCV
  • Where and how to go about getting vaccinations for HBV and HCV
  • Disease-specific information on PBC and PSC and where I can find doctors who specialize in treating these 2 specific diseases?
  • People from foreign countries, especially India and Pakistan, who want to bring their families members here to be treated for HCV and what is the specific process
  • Assistance with living expenses for people who have liver disease or are on treatment including rent and utilities
  • Transportation assistance to and from appointments
  • Information on choosing a state where the waiting time for transplant is less
  • Criteria for transplant
  • What is a MELD score and what are the considerations?

If you have any other questions unmentioned, our hotline will be sure to give you the answers you need.

Page updated: June 22nd, 2017


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