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Tran Thanh's Story

Our first child was born on March 10, 2015. After 3 days, he was jaundiced and has been continuously testing for his jaundiced for 50 days. After 50 days, he had a surgery where the doctor found out that he has biliary atresia. Upon hearing that sad news from the surgery room, we were both devastated and very sadden. The Kasai procedure failed after 12 weeks and we were sent to Children Hospital in Los Angeles for liver transplant listing. We were very sadden that both of us weren't a match for our son to be a liver living donor. As of right now, we are trying to be happy day by day with our son, in hoping and praying for someone to be a liver living donor for our son or a miracle for our son's liver to be recovered.

We are seeking advice from liver patients and liver community to help us ease our stress and worry. We also need help in every aspect from the liver community to help us keep thinking positive for our son's condition.

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Page updated: January 13th, 2017


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