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MIllie Terranova

I was born with BA and had two surgeries before the age of one. I had no idea why I had these scars and went on with life. Through the years, my liver enzymes always increased, my doctor said it was due to birth control pills. No further tests were ordered.

In 1998, I went to my doctor thinking I was having an allergic reaction to something. I was septic, rushed to NYU, and spent 12 weeks when I was finally told about my whole liver history. The doctors projected a need for liver, hoping it would not happen for many years down the road.

In Dec.2003, after several hospitalizations, I was placed on a liver transplant list. I received my gift of life in June of 2005. I am now a 10 year survivor. I may have had a few bleeps in the road, but I'm still here, kicking butt and taking numbers. I believe in paying it forward any way I can.

Look for support for others like you. No one can understand what you're going through. They can sympathize but never truly understand.

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