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Michael Papierniak's Story

During surgery in 1975 I was given 2 units of blood. The surgery was successful and I was in good health. In the fall of 2000 during a company health exam the company doctor alerted me that there was a change in my blood chemistry and I should have it checked our. My family doctor arranged for me to see Dr. Jensen. I had Hepatitis C which had been dormant for years.

Fortunately a liver biopsy showed that the liver had not yet been seriously affected. Wanting to be able to enjoy my family for years to come I started treatment in August of 2001. Thanks to the early detection of the activity of the virus, the support of my family, medical team and the support from my work environment I completed the one year treatment. The treatment was not easy to go through but I was cured and today enjoy my family along with the addition of two grandsons. It was worth the very difficult year of treatment to be cured.

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Page updated: June 21st, 2017


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