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Mary Leone's Story

"My name is Mary Leone. I am a wife, mom, jewelry designer, lover of books, baking, health, fitness, laughter, music and dance. Exploring the world by traveling near and far and experiencing culture through food, art, language and music are some of the things I am passionate about! My wonderfully large, supportive, loving family and friends bring huge delight to my life!"

Thirty-four years ago, Mary Leone had a blood transfusion during treatment for Leukemia. It saved her life but also gave her Hepatitis C. After years of trying many different forms of treatment, each with unsuccessful results, her dream of being Hep C free had come true! The arrival of new "miracle" medicine had brought her a long awaited cure!

" I am elated and joyful!" She says.

Living with Hep C and the deep layers of fears, uncertainties and loneliness that came with it, Mary experienced so many misconceptions about the disease. This made her acutely aware and passionate for the need to educate, to share awareness and understanding within our communities and beyond.

Mary looks forward to the day when Hepatitis C will be eradicated and we will have a chance to live a life with the hope of a future filled with many healthy years.

Page updated: August 29th, 2015


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