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Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth Joy Doelman was born in Taipei, Taiwan, on November 30, 1985. She joined her adoptive family in Rochester, when she was nearly two and graduated from Rochester High School. Then she moved to Vancouver, WA, where she worked in retail sales, as a waitress and as a nanny.

Elizabeth knew what she wanted and lived her life on her own terms. She loved her family and enjoyed any family get-togethers she could attend. Her favorite pastimes included spending time with her friends, watching movies and texting.

On December 17th Elizabeth succumbed to liver disease. She had fought a good battle and finally went home to be with her Lord. She is survived by her parents, Hank & Mary Doelman, 22 siblings and their families, her grandparents and her Opa. She will be greatly missed and remembered with much love.

Lucas words about Liz----Wednesday afternoon of last week. We the Doelman family of 25 and our Church family lost someone that we loved so much. Our Elizabeth, or to me Liz or Lizard as a nickname for her. She had a great life that we can all reflect on and be thankful for. To me it was hard to see her go through this pain. But I know for a fact that she is looking down on all of us. Jesus is wiping her a new slate. A new liver, she is most likely running around in HEAVEN and laughing with other fellow Christian followers.

Elizabeth middle name is Joy. Stop, and think about that for a minute. We all in life have different personalities and expressions. Elizabeth brought a lot of JOY to all of us in my view.

A perfect example of that JOY was Thanksgiving. Even though she was in pain, I saw first hand her JOY. Her laughter. To me she did not expect others to have pity on her. She just wanted in my view, like my mom said, to be around family and friends one last time.
Her life was lived short. But Jesus provided her a longer life then expected. But I am learning by my faith in Jesus Christ and through my family and friends. To look at exciting times she was here with all of us.

The day of her death many of us wrote our thoughts and a dedication on our my space page blog. On my page I gave a small prayer of thanks to Jesus for my family. I would like to share a small piece in my dedication about Liz. "Most of all I thank you for my experience in Knowing Elizabeth who passed away. She had so much Joy and Laughter in her heart. She was one that you could laugh with and have a great time.

I am a strong supporter of family. Family is a big part of my life!!! I have my Church, ODHH/ my friend and mentor Laurie, Comquest and finally most of all my Doelman family.
We know that you are smiling down on us Liz. Making us laugh and just be that true word in your middle name, the real JOY in our lives.

I hope as the days go bye and years roll along. We can experience and live the real JOY in our lives. I know Liz brought that to all of us while she was here on Earth. We know and believe that she is an angel looking down on all of us.

I tend to share that special joy that Liz brought to me-to my friends, family members and co workers.

One last time Jesus, Thank you for Elizabeth. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be a brother to her. Wishing I could do more in terms of encouragement. But now she has no more pain, no more infections or no more medications to take. She is smiling with other Angels in Heaven and here in our lives and presence here today.

I will never forget You Liz. Thank you for your JOY. I know when my time comes, I'll be up there with you, laughing and just fooling around. Just like the GOOD OLD Days. I Love you Liz. You will never be forgotten!!!!

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