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Follow Dosing Instructions

Use tools to remind you to take your medicine as directed. There are many useful tools that can help you remember how and when to take each medicine.

Start by making a list of every medication you use, including the amount you take and time of day you take it. Keep the list up-to-date and bring it with you when you see your doctor or pharmacist. It also helps to have a daily routine for taking your medicine.

Stay organized with a:

  • Medication Tracking Card
  • Pill calendar
  • Pill reminder chart
  • Weekly pill box

Other tools available include:

  • Electronic reminders, such as e-mail, or alarms on wristwatches, cell phones or beepers
  • Single dose medicine packages (that your doctor or pharmacist may be able to give to you)
  • Stickers, diaries, computer health programs

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about which type of tool or tools work best for you. Also, remember that family and friends can help remind you to take your medication.

Page updated: October 4th, 2011


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