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PBC Shared Stories

Carolyn Evans

With education and support, PBC patients can have a full life. I tell people, don’t live in the past and don’t fear the future. Read more.

Cathy Kirby

I was diagnosed in 2007 after elevated LFT's since at least 2002. One day in late 2006 I awoke with horrific itch, head to toe. Read More.

Bel Kambach

Some of you may already know, today I embark on my most testing journey ever taken, the process of getting placed on the USA organ transplant list-- I need a liver. Read more.

Sandy's Story

In January 09 I experienced some pain from straining to move something at work. I kept having painful spasms that sent me to the ER, the doctors ran tests to diagnose the problem, they could not find anything and sent me to my doctor. Read more.

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