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NAFLD Shared Stories

Phillip Scarfo

Working for the ALF the past 10 years has been a mission for Phillip who had NASH, a transplant, and a goal to make people feel good. Read more.

Corrine Rossi

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Non Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). It was a huge shock to me since I never had any major health issues. But after having a substantial amount of fluid removed, I felt so much better and my condition stabilized…but not for long Read more.

Gretta Goodis

The diagnosis of liver cancer was a surprise to Gretta’s doctors and Gretta herself as she was considered low-risk for primary liver cancer (though she really wasn’t) so she, like other lowrisk individuals, was not screened as part of her annual physical examination. Read more.

Nick Giordano

When I first signed up to run the marathon with the American Liver Foundation Run for Research team it was mostly about running. In exchange for raising money I got the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon. Read more.

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