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Hepatitis C Shared Stories

Carlette Metcalf

Carlette Metcalf was always a healthy and active person, until one day in 2012, she became sick. To learn about how Carlette overcame her illness, read more.

Bob Rice

Bob Rice learned that he had chronic hepatitis C when he went to a doctor and received results back from a blood test in 1992, years later, he is well and spreading the word about the importance of advocacy. Read More.

Valerie Green

My hepatitis C could spread, affecting others as well; including my loved ones. Hepatitis C shouldn't stand in your way of living a full and healthy life. Read More.

Judy Palmer

1980 was a very special year for me. It was the year I gave birth to my first child… a beautiful little girl. It was also the year I contracted Hepatitis C following a blood transfusion as a result of a postpartum hemorrhage. Read more.

Keith Goss

My name is Keith Goss. I was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1990, after attempting to donate blood. I went through two rounds of treatment locally, which were unsuccessful. Read more.

Steve Wanecke

When I was young, I did dumb things as most young people do. I used drugs and dirty needles. I didn’t really know anything about Hepatitis C. Read more.

Debbie Javurek

My name is Debbie. I love cooking, going to art shows with my mom, exploring Chicago with my husband, son and grandpuppy, and spending time with my daughter as she rides and competes in jumper classes at horse shows. Read more.

Michael Papierniak

In the fall of 2000 during a company health exam, the company doctor alerted him that there was a change in his blood chemistry and he should have it checked. Read more.

Lori Gavin

I have my wonderful husband, family, friends, and medical team to thank for keeping me strong and focused on my health. A wonderful support group is a major key to your success. Read more.

Isabelle Gaultier

There were no HCV treatments at the time Isabelle Gaultier was diagnosed so she focused on a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to keep her weight down, she avoided alcohol and liver-toxic products, and didn’t smoke. Read more.

Debbie Panarese

Debbie has been a support group leader for the past 20 years and was a Hep C patient herself. She was infected from a blood transfusion at the age of four during a surgery. Read more.

Mary Leone

My name is Mary Leone. I am a wife, mom, jewelry designer, lover of books, baking, health, fitness, laughter, music and dance. Read more.

Peter McLoyd

In 1977 I was hospitalized after sustaining a hand injury that required surgery. The day after completing the pre- surgery lab work, I was visited by a nurse who explained that they discovered what she referred to as “non-A, non-B hepatitis.” Read more.

Paul Bolter

I was diagnosed in March of 2001 almost by accident. At the time I was experiencing issues with my PCP over the way I was feeling physically. I couldn’t get him to listen to me. Read more.

Shelley Rossell

In January 2009, I donated blood for the first time, and just a month later, I received a letter from the American Red Cross. Basically, they told me “Thanks, but no thanks! You have hepatitis C, see your doctor.” Read more.

William Yarbrough

Having been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 20 years, in 2001 I was 13 years clean and feeling pretty good about myself. I had a wonderful family and had very recently moved to Durham, NC for a new job. Read more.

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