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Biliary Atresia Shared Stories

Millie Terranova

I was born with BA and had two surgeries before the age of one. I had no idea why I had these scars and went on with life. Read more.

Jax Schindler

At 6 weeks of age, I underwent an operation to delay the imminent damage to my liver,my mom, Heather, was tested to see if she could be a living donor. Read more.

Domenic Frappolli

When I was born I was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. For the next decade of my life I was in and out of the hospital plagued by jaundice. Read more.

Hannah Shoemaker

Our story begins in 2007, my wife Kari and I had a beautiful little girl named Hannah. At two months old we took her in for her two month check-up and that's when our lives were going to change forever. Read more.

Danielle's Story

My name is Danielle and I am a 26 year old biliary atresia survivor from Staten Island, NY. It was the morning of December 15,1982 and my mother was on the way to her doctor's office for her 7 month check-up. Read more.

Gavin Sprague

Gavin Sprague was jaundiced at birth. Not an entirely uncommon occurrence in newborns, so his pediatrician sent him home after the normal two days in the hospital with out serious concerns. Read more.

Matt Rosiello

"I remember it like it was yesterday," says Randy,"Dr. Keith, as we began to call him, sat us down and gave us the news. Read more.

Xander's Story

At 7wks old Xander was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. Read more.

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