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Autoimmune Hepatitis Shared Stories

Lindsey Zuvich

Learn about what it is like to be in college and figure out that you have a serious illness by reading about Lindsey's journey to health with AIH. Click Here.

Jessica Guy

Always be your own advocate. If you feel something is wrong do not let doctors tell you other wise. Read more.

Sharon McIndoo

I have been living with AIH and PBS for almost 20 years. I was diagnosed after being in extreme pain and no energy. Read More.

Cliff Ottley-Thistlethwaite

I woke up Sept 2012 with jaundice & got to see my GP next day. He sent an urgent request to local hospital thinking I had gallstones. Read More.

Susannah Katz

My journey with liver disease began in 2009, when I was 12 years old...Read more.

Gary Egan

It was into my second year of marriage, in September 2002, that I began to get sick...Read more.

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