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Current Research Funded by ALF

ALF funds numerous research projects with the potential to yield valuable insights into liver disease and provide directions for the development of more effective therapies. Read more about the cutting-edge work these researchers are doing.

2008 New England Run for Research Liver Scholar
Dr. Songling Liu, MD

Through her study, Dr. Liu aims to describe the exact mechanism by which liver injury leads to portal hypertension.

2008 American Liver Foundation Liver Scholar
Dr. Lee F. Peng, MD, PhD

Dr. Peng’s study aims to use the principles of chemical biology to uncover novel antiviral compounds that may lead to more effective HCV treatments.

2008 American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases Liver Scholar
Dr. Costica Aloman, MD

Dr. Aloman is working to describe the complex interaction between the activation of dendritic cells, which trigger the immune system, and stellate cells, which are responsible for fibrosis.

2008 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Special Research Initiative
Dr. Joseph J. Palermo, Jr., MD, PhD

Dr. Palermo's aims to evaluate the possibility that urinary tract infection may contribute to the development of PBC.

2008 Roger L. Jenkins, MD Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Dr. Tina L. Sumpter, PhD

The main objective of Dr. Sumpter's study is to investigate why liver tissue is less prone to rejection than other tissues. The findings from this study may contribute to the development of more effective anti-rejection drugs for liver transplant recipients.

2008 Charles Trey, MD Memorial Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Dr. Johannes Kluwe, MD

By studying two kinds of liver cells that are known to contribute to inflammation and scar formation, Dr. Kluwe hopes to find mechanisms by which inflammation contributes to scar formation and to provide a direction for the future development of treatments that specifically target and control fibrosis.

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