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Email Marketing Survey

Author: Andre Paquin

We're very interested in hearing how you make use of email marketing, what your experiences have been and how well you've liked working with Constant Contact in the past. Your feedback on this form will help us design a better mousetrap, save the American Liver Foundation some money and create a better experience for you.

Please submit your responses by November 19th. Contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for your help!


* Required Fields
In your office, are you responsible for managing email marketing?*
In your office, are there others who also send email marketing messages?*
Yes, there are others who also send email marketing messagesNo, I'm the only person responsible for email marketing
Do you currently use Constant Contact as your email marketing application?*
Yes, we doNo, we use another application
Do you use more than one email marketing application?*
How long have you been using Constant Contact for email marketing?*
Less than 1 year1-3 years
3-5 yearsMore than 5 years
Not applicable
Have you ever used other email marketing applications?*
Indicate other applications you've used for email marketing (check all that apply):*
Constant ContactMailChimp
SilverpopSiebel (Oracle)
Email-List.comAdobe Genesis (Omniture)
How would you rate Constant Contact for ease of use?*
Very easy to useSomewhat easy
Average ease of useSomewhat difficult
Very difficult to use
Do you make use of other Constant Contact tools (check all that apply)?*
Tracking and reportingList growth
DesignLearning Center
Email marketing helpEvent marketing
SurveysSocial Media (NutshellMail)
What kind of email marketing templates would be helpful for you to have?*
General ALF templateLiver Life Walk event template
Liver Life Challenge event templateFlavors event template
Love Your Liver program template Treatment Choices Initiative program template
Fatty Liver Information Program template
What other kinds of email marketing templates would be helpful to have?
Overall, how has your experience with Constant Contact been?*
ExcellentPretty good
GoodNot bad, could be better
Not good, could be worseBad
Pretty badHorrible
Any final comments?
How big is your email list?*
How often do you send email marketing?*
How much are you paying for your email marketing application account now?*

Page updated: November 9th, 2010


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