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Liver Lowdown

November 2013

Welcome to the November 2013 edition of the Liver Lowdown. Click on the links below and check out our featured stories for the month!


National Caregivers Month 2013

November is a time each year when we recognize the millions of people who care for the sick, disabled, and the elderly in the United States. If you’re caring for someone with liver disease, what can you do to make your life more manageable and less stressful?



Isaacs's Mystery Illness "Completely Killed his Liver"

Marisela Newcomb vividly remembers the day when she realized her eight-year-old son, Isaac, was getting sick. But Marisela could never have guessed how seriously ill he was. Nor could she have anticipated just how rapidly a potentially lethal form of liver disease would turn her family’s life upside down.



6 Things You Should Know About Liver Cancer

What’s the difference between primary liver cancer and metastatic liver cancer? If you have liver cancer, are there always clear-cut symptoms? And what should you do if you think you’re at risk? Find the answers to these and other important questions.



Charles M. Rice, Ph.D. Receives our 2013 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award

Dr. Rice, the leading hepatitis C virus molecular virologist, was honored on November 2 by the American Liver Foundation in Washington, DC. The award was presented during the annual meeting hosted by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.


Page updated: November 21st, 2013


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