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The American Liver Foundation is making news on topics including liver wellness, disease prevention, screening and treatment.

Some highlights:

Radio Media Tour

Last month, Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD, medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, chair of the Hepatobiliary Task Force of the National Cancer Institute and a member of the American Liver Foundation’s national medical advisory committee and Tom Nealon, ALF's National Board Chair, participated in a radio media tour, which featured interviews with approximately 15 radio stations across the country. The segments had a collective reach of more than 1.5 million people.

Tampa Bay Times

Vice Chairman of ALF’s Connecticut Division Medical Advisory Committee and Board Member Renu Umashanker, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine, was featured in a November 29, 2014, article about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and gastric bypass surgery as a method of treatment. The story was also picked up by

San Antonio Express News

National Medical Advisory Committee member F. Blaine Hollinger, MD, professor of molecular virology and epidemiology at the Baylor College of Medicine, was featured in an article about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The article ran in the November 21, 2014, issue.


National Medical Advisory Committee member Mauricio Lisker-Melman, MD, professor of medicine and director of the Hepatology Program at Washington University School of Medicine, was featured in a November 9, 2014, article about drug development for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The wire story also ran in The Nation, Fierce Biotech and Medscape.

WABC-TV (New York City)

A segment about Tara Barlow, a physician assistant at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital who was running the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon in honor of a pediatric liver transplant patient, aired on October 24, 2014. Her run raised funds for the ALF Greater New York Division.

KFSM-TV- 5News (CBS affiliate in Fayetteville, AK)

Carlette Metcalf, a member of ALF’s newly formed National Patient Advisory Committee, was featured in a segment about hepatitis C on October 31, 2014. She discussed her experiences living with and being cured of the disease.

Investor’s Business Daily

ALF National Patient Advisory Committee member Charlotte Stewart discussed her experiences living with hepatitis C in an article about the FDA approval of the new drug Harvoni. The article was featured in the October 22, 2014, issue.

The Akron Beacon-Journal

ALF’s "Five Ways You Can Take Care of Your Liver" was featured in the newspaper’s October 12, 2014, issue.

Golden Gate Xpress

LiveR Life Champion Jennifer Slepin and National Director of Special Events Kelly Smith were featured in an article following the September 20, 2014, Liver Life Walk San Francisco, which was hosted by ALF’s Northern California Division. Slepin talked about living with hepatitis C and ALF efforts to help others living with the virus.

Medical Daily

National Medical Advisory Committee member, Talal Adhami, MD, commented on the importance of liver screenings in the October 31, 2014, issue. Dr. Adhami, who is a liver specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, also advised readers about the steps they can take to protect their livers.

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