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We Thank Our National Sponsors

On behalf of our division offices across the country, and all of our constituents, the American Liver Foundation would like to thank our 2013 National Sponsors: Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Merck, and Genentech.

Their very generous support was vital to the success of our signature campaigns, our Liver Life Walks and our Flavors events, as well as to critical programming such as our national 123 education campaigns.

These companies were top-notch when it came to support on all levels, which includes being an active participant in the overall dialogue and planning from inception to putting feet on the ground at an event when executing. Mere words could not express our appreciation for their support and collaboration.

In response to our message of gratitude, Brian Turner, the product manager for Xifaxan at Salix Pharmaceuticals, said, “It is truly a privilege to partner with the American Liver Foundation, which does so much good work for patients and caregivers. Salix shares the same passion for helping those affected by liver disease. Together we’ve been able to increase the scope of support and resources that each of our organizations offers, reaching more who are in need than ever before.”

Mr. Turner identified various ways in which Salix supported our organization during the past year, including sponsorship of educational brochures and websites. He made special mention of Wrestling the Monster, a documentary film that focused on what it is like for patients and their families to live with hepatic encephalopathy, a condition that causes temporary worsening of brain function in people with advanced liver disease.

Wrestling the Monster, with the involvement of Academy Award-winning director Cynthia Wade, recognition from the New Orleans and Montclair film festivals, and as the recipient of two Telly Awards, helped shed new light on a condition that few were previously aware of,” Mr. Turner said. “All of this has been possible through a tremendous partnership with the American Liver Foundation.”

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