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What you need to know about competing in the 2014 Walt Disney World® Marathon


In the middle of a steaming hot summer, winter’s snow and ice couldn’t be farther from your mind, right? But, almost before you know it, we’ll be complaining about winter’s chill.

So, what better way to escape January’s dreary days than by kicking off the New Year in Orlando?

Why Orlando?
We invite you to travel to Florida from January 8 through 12 to join us at the 2014 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend as a member of the American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Challenge team. It’s our fourth year as an official Marathon Weekend charity.

In addition to the climate, there are lots of other incentives.

As a runner or walker in the marathon, you’ll keep your resolution to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

You’ll also share the benefits of experiencing great team spirit, and your fundraising efforts will help in the fight against liver disease by sustaining our education and research programs, and our patient support services.

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On the run, Tina Gehris makes her way past the iconic Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Tina Gehris is set to take part in her fourth Disney Marathon Weekend in January 2014.

Tina will compete in the stamina-testing Dopey Challenge that involves running the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon, for a total of 48.6 miles.

As she has done in the past, Tina will celebrate her mother’s life. Though her mom’s liver transplant in 1987 wasn’t successful, Tina’s family utilized the American Liver Foundation’s support services during that time.

Since then, Tina has been determined to give back. For example, she advocates for liver research “to avoid any more unnecessary deaths.”

Asked about the Disney Marathon Weekend, Tina describes the training and then the weekend itself as a great challenge.

“During training, it’s fun and sometimes not so fun,” Tina says. “It can be easy and then it’s hard, with sweat and sometimes tears. I am just ‘dopey’ enough to have signed up for the dopey challenge this year! Of course, I'm looking for a Snow White and my six dwarfs to join me!”

Based on Tina’s description, don’t you feel the adrenalin rush?

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STEP #1: Register -- Choose Your Marathon Event
Register for the event of your choice.

Whatever your experience and ability as a marathoner, the Marathon Weekend offers you four options:

  • Half Marathon: January 11– 13.1 miles
  • Full Marathon: January 12 – 26.2 miles
  • Goofy Challenge: January 11 and 12 – Two races: Half Marathon and Full Marathon – 39.3 miles
  • Dopey Challenge: January 9 through 12 – Four races: 5k and 10k runs, Half Marathon and Full Marathon – 48.6 miles

For the Goofy and Dopey Challenges, we ask that you apply as space is limited. We’ll notify you if you’re entered or waitlisted.

For all the events, whether you run or walk, you’ll have to maintain a minimum 16 minute mile pace to finish your selected race.

STEP #2: Select Your Team
Once you’ve selected your event, join one of three Liver Life Challenge teams: Chicago, Cleveland and Connecticut.

Even if you don’t live near these areas, we’ve got you covered! Join a “Virtual Team,” which allows you to train in your own area with the support of the Liver Life Challenge National Coach, Brendan Cournam.

STEP #3: Training
As part of your journey to the finish line, you’ll set personal goals and receive extensive training based on your level of experience as a marathoner.

You’ll go on practice runs, receive team fundraising opportunities, and get to know your team mates really well.

In fact, it’s the camaraderie among team members that makes all the difference when Tina Gehris competes in the grueling Marathon Weekend.

“It is friendships and bonds that expand across states that are so awesome,” Tina says. “It’s about meeting superheroes—and becoming one yourself.”

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Register for the Marathon Weekend

Donate—Show support for an athlete

Frequently Asked Questions about Marathon Weekend

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Page updated: August 8th, 2013


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