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The American Liver Foundation is making national news on topics including liver wellness, disease prevention, screening and treatment.
Some highlights:

The New York Times

National Medical Advisory Committee member, Rohit Loomba, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine and associate director of clinical research in the Division of Gastroenterology, discussed fatty liver disease in an article published on June 14th.

My FOX Dallas

The ALF Flavors of Dallas event, as well as the growing public health challenges of fatty liver disease, was profiled on My Fox Dallas morning program on June 21st.

San Diego 6

ALF Pacific Coast Division Executive Director Michele DeMotto and NMAC member Tarek Hassanien, MD, appeared on the station’s morning news program on June 7th to discuss liver disease and the Division’s upcoming Liver Life Walk.

FOX 5 San Diego

ALF Pacific Coast Division Executive Director Michelle DeMotto discussed biliary atresia and the Division’s upcoming Liver Life Walk on June 7th. Two children with biliary atresia, who are the Walk’s Liver Life Champions, and their parents also appeared. Fox 5 also covered the Liver Life Walk live on June 28th.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

National Board Chair Tom Nealon was featured in an article about fatty liver disease that appeared in the June 23rd edition.

The Huffington Post

National Medical Advisory Committee Member Tamar Taddei, MD, associate professor of medicine in the section of Digestive Diseases at Yale University School of Medicine, was featured in an article about fatty liver disease, which was posted on June 24th. Dr. Taddei was also cited on Healthline about a new study suggesting that hepatitis C could become a rare disease in the next two decades. The article was posted on August 4th.

The Chicago Tribune

New ALF Great Lakes Division President, Donald Jensen, MD, professor of medicine and director of the Center for Liver Diseases at the University of Chicago Medical Center, was featured in the June 24th edition. News of Dr. Jensen’s appointment was also featured in Crain’s Chicago Business and Chicago Business Journal.

The Denver Post

ALF Rocky Mountain Division’s patient advocates James and Kaleb McGuffey’s climb up Mount Rainier was covered in the June 27th edition.

The Houston Chronicle

F. Blaine Hollinger, MD, an ALF national medical advisory committee member, discussed hepatitis C treatment in the June 27th issue. Dr. Hollinger is a professor of molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine.

The Daily News

Douglas Dieterich, MD, professor of medicine in the Division of Liver Diseases at Mount Sinai Medical Center, was profiled in an article about testing and treating hepatitis C. The article appeared in the July 13th issue. Dr. Dieterich is also a member of ALF’s national medical advisory committee.

Staten Island Live

Randa Adib, ALF’s director of development, was quoted in an article about ALF patient advocate Matthew Rosiello, who received a liver transplant and who was participating in the ALF Greater New York Division’s Liver Life Walk. The article ran on July 17th.

The Newark Star-Ledger

Lisa Gallipoli, executive director of ALF’s Greater New York Division, was quoted in an article about liver transplants in the July 24th issue.

The Villager

In the July 24th issue, Paul Bolter, community outreach and education manager for ALF’s Greater New York Division, was quoted about his participation in Hepatitis B Awareness Week, which included gathering on the steps of New York’s City Hall to call attention to this often overlooked disease.

Al Jazeera

Hillel Tobias, MD, PhD, co-chair of ALF’s national medical advisory committee and a member of the national board of directors, was cited in a segment about the costs-benefits of the new hepatitis C treatments. The program aired on July 29th. Dr. Tobias is a clinical professor in the Department of Gastroenterology at NYU Langone Medical Center.


A segment about the ALF Rocky Mountain Division’s Liver Life Walk aired on July 31st.

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