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FEATURE – Academic Debates

Up and Coming Liver Specialists Debate Controversial Issues in Disease Treatment, Best Practices and New Research

Annual Event Hosted by American Liver Foundation Great Lakes Division

On February 20, 2014, teams of young clinicians representing leading Chicago and Michigan academic medical centers, debated the ethics of organ transplantation, impact of new hepatitis C treatments and cancer screening benefits for a rare liver cancer at the 11th annual Academic Debates. The program brings together young clinicians to present their positions about complex topics to an audience of their peers, mentors and senior liver specialists.

Says Executive Director Jacqueline Dominguez, “The medical community continues to be impressed by the debate topics and the knowledge of the teams who tackle these controversial issues. It is truly exciting to see these young doctors, who are completing their training in the field of liver diseases, showcase their talents and stimulate progressive thinking among attendees.”

This year’s participants from Loyola University Medical Center, Henry Ford Health Hospital, University of Chicago, Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois at Chicago and Lutheran General, took opposing sides to discuss whether:

  • It is ethical to provide simultaneous liver and kidney transplants when doctors can’t predict whether a liver transplant alone could improve the viability of a patient’s existing kidney.
Pro: Loyola University Medical Center
Con: Henry Ford Health Hospital [WINNER]

  • Advances in new medications for hepatitis C, which can cure most strains of the virus, will have an impact on the number of liver transplants needed in the next 10 years.

Pro: University of Chicago
Con: Rush University Medical Center [WINNER]

  • Screening for bile duct cancer in patients with a rare condition called primary sclerosing cholangitis will impact survival rates if identified.

Pro: University of Illinois at Chicago [WINNER]
Con: Lutheran General

The Academic Debates program is part of a continuing medical education course for clinicians and is jointly sponsored by the Veritas Institute for Medical Education and the American Liver Foundation Great Lakes Division.

Page updated: March 18th, 2014


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