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CMS Training Survey

Author: Andre Paquin

Please take a minute to respond to the following survey. Your answers will help me understand what approach to take in helping you learn how to best manage your division's website using the content management system.

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Full name*
Email Address*
Are you responsible for managing the website for your division?*
Do you share this responsibility with anyone else?*
How much time would you estimate you spend each week managing your website?*
Would you call yourself tech savvy?*
No Definitely not
Do you have any experience with website design, management or production?*
No Definitely not
I have trouble understanding (check all that apply):*
Inside PagesWidgets
News Chapter Info
PeopleArea Resources
Downloadable FilesForms
I would like to learn more about (check all that apply):*
What Andre can do versus what I can do in the CMS?How I can make better use of images?
How I can make better use of video?What should be "owned" by national versus "owned" by my division?
How can I make my division website as consistent with the national website?
What do you like about the website or the CMS?
What don't you like about the website or the CMS?

Page updated: June 29th, 2017


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