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Love Your Liver is American Liver Foundation’s interactive liver wellness education program targeted to elementary, middle, and high school students. The program educates students about the liver and the actions they can take to maximize their liver health and prevent liver disease. It can be tailored to elementary, middle, and high school students in the school and after-school settings.

The Love Your Liver program has successfully reached over 70,000 students! It is the American Liver Foundation’s hope that after participating in the Love Your Liver program, students will have a greater awareness and understanding of the liver’s importance and will take action to maximize their liver health and to prevent the spread of liver disease.

ALF continues to receive positive feedback from teachers and students who have participated in the Love Your Liver program.

"I really enjoyed watching students participate in the Love Your Liver workshops! The workshop was engaging and information was communicated in a fun, interactive format. The students really enjoyed themselves and came away with more knowledge about the liver... so did I!"
- Sarah, Program Manager, Health Promotion Learning Lab, New York

“You had a great program and I learned a lot from it.”
-10th grade student, Pennsylvania

“We learned what to do to keep your liver healthy.”
- 5th grade student, California

"Absolutely phenomenal."
- Participating Health Teacher, Georgia

The American Liver Foundation is educating students across the United States about the importance of the liver!

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