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Community Resources

Liver Health Connection

Liver Health Connection

1325 South Colorado Boulevard

Suite B-302

Denver, CO 80222

Liver Disease Help Line: (800) 522-4372 Web: or

Liver Health Connection educates patients, providers and the general public about diseases affecting the liver and provides advocacy, resources and support.


* Help Line – offers confidential information, support, and referrals

* Monthly e-newsletter; website; information packets

* Educational trainings; community outreach; advocacy

* Free and confidential hepatitis C testing

* Patient Navigation – linkage to care

HBV Adoption

Contact: Bambi Winkler

HBV Adoption is a group that serves as a source of information and support for Parents of children with the hepatitis B virus. For the benefit of our children's privacy, all members must be approved for membership. To join, go to and click the "Join Group" button. Let me know why you are interested and you are on your way to support with over 1150 other parents.

Alpha-1 Foundation Support Groups

Alpha-1 Foundation has over 80 Support Groups Nationwide for Liver and Lung affected Alphas. Please call for more information, including dates and times for support groups or please check

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pikes Peak Alpha Beaters Contact: Erma Crawford (Support Group Leader) for more information,

Phone: 719-576-1404 Web:


Denver, Colorado

Alpha Beaters Denver Metro

Contact: Barbee Bennington (Support Group Leader) for more information,

Phone: 855-351-6610 Web:


Casper, Wyoming

Casper Alpha-1 Support Group Contact: Sue Blevins (Support Group Leader) for more information,

Phone: 307-333-1679 Web:


Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne Alpha-1 Support Group Contact: Nadine Peterson (Support Group Leader) for more information,

Phone: 307-634-3846 Web:


Donor Alliance

720 South Colorado Boulevard

Suite 800-N, Denver, CO 80246

Phone: (303) 329-4747

Fax: (303) 321-0366 Web:

Donor Alliance is one of 58 not-for-profit organ recovery organizations federally designated by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to facilitate the donation and recovery of organs for people needing transplants. Additionally, Donor Alliance is a recognized leader in facilitating the donation and recovery of transplantable tissues in Colorado and most of Wyoming. Their goal is to save the lives of people in need. To achieve this, Donor Alliance employs effective family approach and recovery programs in more than 100 hospitals in Colorado and Wyoming. Additionally, Donor Alliance dedicates time, funding and effort toward increasing the number of registered organ and tissue donors through

active public awareness and educational programs and grassroots public relations campaigns. Donor Alliance is committed to working with donor families at their time of loss and offers them emotional support as they coordinate the recovery of organs and tissues for transplant. Additionally, their After Care Program provides an avenue for ongoing communication with and support of donor families, enabling them to reach out to recipients if they choose.

Bonfils Blood Center

717 Yosemite Street

Denver, Colorado 80230

Phone: 303-341-4000 Web:

Web PH

As Colorado's community blood center since 1943, Bonfils proudly provides a safe and adequate blood supply for patients statewide and beyond. Offering healthcare partners more than just blood products by providing support and consultation that leads to improved care and outcomes for patients in need.

Page updated: March 8th, 2017


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