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Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon

San Francisco, July 26. The Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon is a pledged marathon event. Join us for our inaugural Marathon Team 2009 comprised of runners with a commitment and a passion for promoting liver wellness and raising awareness for organ donation. Our San Francisco based Training Program begins April 18! Registration is now closed.

July 18th, 2009

Contact: Michelle Flatley (Email)
Phone: 800.292.9099 (415.248.1060, Fax: 415.248.1066) | More Information

“At Onyx, we’re partnering with the American Liver Foundation to promote liver wellness and raise needed funding for research and education programs to benefit the more than 30 million people currently living with liver disease.” - N. Anthony Coles, M.D. – President & CEO, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon:

The Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon is the running team that wins every time! Coordinated by the Northern California & Nevada Division of the American Liver Foundation, the team promotes awareness of liver diseases and organ donation and raises money to fund critical programs in research and education. The team will compete on Sunday, July 26 at the San Francisco Marathon, sponsored by friends, family, colleagues and other contributors.

LIFE: Liver Information For Everyone!

30 million Americans are affected by liver disease. In fact, liver disease is now estimated to affect more people than those living diabetes type 1 and type 2 and all cancers combined.

Promote organ donation and let your friends and co-workers know why it is important to you: be specific and personal about how liver disease has touched your life by providing them with information to protect and educate themselves. Be sure to ask them to sponsor you for the Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon. It’s that easy!



  • Announce your personal fundraising goal!
  • Why are you walking? Is someone you know personally affected by liver disease? Are you running in Memory or Honor of a loved one? Describe what you/your family have experienced.
  • What the money will benefit – the ALF's funding of research and education.
  • How they can support you.
  • Say Thank You!!!

*Very important: print a photo on your letter or upload your photo of your team or your loved one(s) on your personal or team fundraising page.


Did you know that our most successful marathon runners set a fundraising goal above the minimum of $500? It's easy!

Think about asking your donors for a specific amount-this works best when you know the person fairly well. Give some thought to your donors and ask them for an amount that is a stretch, but not impossible. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Talk about your personal fundraising goal and how much it means to you and the ALF to reach it. Don’t forget- the most important thing you can do is to thank your donor.

E-mail the letter from your personal fundraising page or snail mail it to your family, friends and work colleagues. Collect donations through your online page or through the mail! Send your off-line pledges to the ALF office. Please convert cash to check.

E x p a n d the reach of your email and/or letter writing campaign by requesting the address books/email lists of your family and friends. You can send different letters to these lists, introducing yourself and the Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon campaign and your request. Ask service providers and business associates with emailing lists to forward your donation request on to their friends and colleagues. The larger your distribution list, the larger your results! The larger the dollars for research and education!

About The Marathon Run:

The Marathon Team will start and finish on the Embarcadero at Mission Street (San Francisco). The staging area is located within walking distance in Justin Herman Plaza across from the Ferry Building at Market and Steuart Streets. The Wave starts at 5:30AM-6:20AM.

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All registered ALF runners will receive 50% off their purchase. So sign up to run with the Liver LIFE Challenge Marathon Team today!

Page updated: July 20th, 2009


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