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Get Fit

Get Fit is a Workplace Wellness campaign currently serving over 7,500 employees over 500 workplaces and is designed to be a solution for workplaces of all sizes featuring customized, on-demand live education, high-quality, evidence-based materials, monthly programming opportunities, employee discounts and more.

Get Fit Campaign Launches in Chicago >

A Year of Wellness
Get Fit offers you and your employees 12 months of wellness programming and information focused on a wide-range of topics each month:
January | Mindfulness
February | Fitness & Exercise
March | Nutrition
April | Financial Literacy
May | Mental Health
June | Prevention/Getting A Physical
July | Disease Management
August | Vaccination
September | Obesity Awareness
October | Know Your Liver
November | Alcohol Awareness & Smoking Cessation
December | Understanding Health Insurance

Each month provides medically vetted information presented in several formats, including:

  • 52 posters a year, including 4 per month based on the topics above,
  • E-Newsletters with relevent news articles and updates
  • Monthly Webinars for employees
  • Employer Memos to promote workplace involvement in wellness efforts
  • Wellness Discounts for employees
  • and more...

Part of our Get Fit Campaign is monthly webinars. Check out our topics and how you can register. Learn More >

Register Today
Start recieving your complimentary Get Fit Wellness Materials today as an individual or employee. Register here>
To register your workplace for the free or paid Get Fit Campaign, Email Brandon>
The ALF will not sell or share your information with anyone.

Get Fit is an excellent opportunity to reach new markets through a wellness lens. All sponsorships are 100% tax deductible. Contact Brandon today to learn more at!

Page updated: May 2nd, 2017


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