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NPAC HCV Videos 2016

The American Liver Foundation has formed a patient advocate committee of Hepatitis C to give a voice to HCV patients, help raise awareness, and let people in the community with the disease know that they're not alone. We recently recorded a series of short videos with the advocates, touching on a range of HCV-related topics, and we hope that you find them helpful!

Dr. Nancy Reau gives an overview of the deadly virus, discussing risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and support.

Symptoms of HCV are often hidden for decades, and up to 75% of the people with Hepatitis C have no idea that they're living with the virus.

ALF's Patient Advocates discuss living with the Hepatitis C Virus and how Hep C patients should have renewed hope for the future.

As times change, there is more of an understanding about the virus, including how it is acquired. The important message is that you shouldn't be afraid to get tested or to speak out!

How does it feel to be cured? HCV patient advocates give their perspective.

Page updated: October 24th, 2016


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