2017 Liver Scholar Award

The Liver Scholar Award is a three-year, $75,000 per year ($225,000 total) basic science award that encourages early career investigators to pursue a career in liver related research. The goal is to provide the scientists with support at an early stage of their careers to bridge the gap between completion of research training and attainment of status as an independent research scientist. The additional research experience provided by this award is intended to enable them to successfully compete for research grants from national sources, particularly the National Institutes of Health.

While applications on all liver-related research topics will be considered, the following are of extremely high interest: biliary atresia and primary biliary cirrhosis.

Support for the 2016 American Liver Foundation Liver Scholar Award by donors to the American Liver Foundation’s Research Awards Program and the Hepatitis Fund for the Cure Research Fund is gratefully acknowledged.

Download the 2017 Liver Scholar Award information below:

2017 Liver Scholar Award Application Guidelines


2017 Liver Scholar Award Application Form


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Page updated: October 18th, 2016


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